Tech Guru, Robert Scoble, Shares Hot Tech Tips on Facebook

schobleizerAs busy entrepreneurs we sometimes find it hard to keep up on all the new advancements in technology. Even if we’re a gadget girl/guy that’s dying to know what the next greatest techie tool or toy is (like ME!) who has time to search out the info?

This is where one needs a guru that’s already done most of the legwork…

Need to open a graphic file? Use a browser – IE, Chrome or Firefox to the rescue!

This is a great one minute video that explains exactly how to open a .png, .jpg or .gif.

The most important step: Save the graphic to your hard drive in a place you can find it! This holds true for any document you receive as an attachment in an email or pull from a USB drive or CD/DVD – saving the file to your hard drive first is key.

Another tip: