Monday Morning Music… Verschwiegene Liebe (Secret Love)

Driving the other day I heard the end of this song, immediately recognized Streisand’s voice. “Classical Barbra” was recorded in 1973 and released in February 1976. The album consists of songs by classical European composers and includes tracks sung in English, French, Occitan, German, Italian and Latin. It amazes me when artists are so moved by a piece of music that they learn how to sing it in a foreign language. It takes great dedication, talent, and passion to perform masterworks in their native language so flawlessly.

Is there something that moves you that much? A “Secret Love”?

Monday Morning Music… Bounce!

We’ve all had our share of difficult times – days where we feel kicked in the gut and left wondering how we’ll get back up. And as entrepreneurs, sometimes we feel like there’s no one on our side… no one to help us stand up and fight back.

I’m blessed to have a great group of friends, colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs to turn to when things get tough. I also turn to music –

Monday Morning Music… Walking on Sunshine

Music can be uplifting, relaxing, inspirational, soothing, saddening, funny, enlightening, motivating & energizing – especially on at the start of the work week, when many of us feel we need a little more oomph than that second cup of coffee can offer!

So, each Monday I’ll be posting one of my favorite tunes – guaranteed to start your week off right.

Feel free to share a song that gets you feeling creative or motivated too!