Sometimes before you even open your eyes life tries to knock you into your own personal version of “Sharknado2″… before you get sucked into the stress of others, before you blindly react, before you start running in any direction… s-t-o-p.

Instead – say a prayer, listen to a favorite piece of music, think about a recent special moment, or, just breathe.

Today, as I received a phone call in the wee morning hours (okay – 7ish is wee to me!) I did all of the above, THEN I returned the call to see what the turmoil was. THEN I stood still and thought about what the options were. THEN I placed a phone call. THEN I waited…

As I sit here and wait to learn if my father has to have surgery, and if my mother will have a HHA to stay with her or needs to also go to the hospital, I’m strangely (to me) calm. I have done what I can and now I need to function here while waiting for news on dad’s condition. It CAN be that simple, as simple as a choice.

My friend/mentor Pat Jones, of Healing Adventures, has had discussions with me about being in the flow of a stream and stepping out when I feel tossed around and gasping for air. I always listened, but hadn’t honestly gave over to that vision and let go until today. I’m thankful for her vision and advice this morning! If you are struggling with that feeling of  being battered about and out of control, or even that dreaded feeling of being overwhelmed with life,  I hope this post will inspire you to try a different way of living – choose today to NOT get knocked around by the storms that hit without warning.


I hope you enjoy the peaceful, happy energy of this guitar piece. This 18 year old, Sungha Jung,  is highly talented and has an interesting story behind his success.


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